Top cigarette brands

This page displays our all-time top selling cigarettes based on sales statistics since early 2009. Some brands sell better than others and this made us wonder what is the reason behind that. Tobacco products have the strongest brand loyalty of all consumer products, with less than 10% of smokers changing cigarette brands each year. The pack size, color and various elements divide consumers into subgroups and play a central role in influencing customers to choose a brand over another. When you think of someone who smokes Kent Convertibles cigarettes or Marlboro Red cigarettes, you quickly get two stereotypes pop up in your mind – think the city boy versus the cowboy. Regardless of these considerations however, all cigarettes on our website are listed at rock-bottom prices and represent an amazing bargain. You will end up saving tens of thousands of dollars over the years by ordering from us, so the only remaining question is, what brand is it going to be?