Bulk pricing

Less than 10 cartons

No bulk discounts on less than 10 cartons, sorry.

10 to 19 cartons

You save 10%, or about $4.50 per carton.

20 to 49 cartons

You save 15%, or about $6.75 per carton.

50 to 99 cartons

You save 20%, or about $8.99 per carton.

100 or more cartons

You save 25%, or about $11.24 per carton.

40ft container

I see what you did there, Mr. DEA Agent…


1. The bulk discount is applied to your cart automatically and cannot be used in conjunction with coupon codes.
2. We require 100% pre-payment on all bulk orders – we don’t accept partial or pay-as-you-go payments.
3. Bulk orders will be dispatched in separate parcels containing 2 cartons each at a day or two difference from one another.
4. We advise providing a separate shipping address for each 6 cartons you order to quicken up the shipping process.
5. Reselling these locally may very well be illegal. Do your own research.