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Our story

It all started back in 2009 at a UK university campus when an international student and an avid tobacco smoker found paying £8 for a pack of cigarettes when it costs, at most, 10p to produce, incredibly unfair. Loose tobacco was heavily taxed as well, so without much hesitation, he asked a friend from back home (where cigarettes are still cheap) to send him a carton and to his great surprise they came in just a week later! Majoring in Philosophy, Politics and

Economics, he quickly realised that the monstrous difference in the standard of living across countries and Big Tobacco’s corporate greed are not going away anytime soon, so he has built a company to tackle this issue. The first two cartons of Marlboro Red were sold to a customer in Switzerland a week later, and it all went uphill from there. With time, we’ve learned to dominate the buy cigarettes online, duty free and cheap cigarettes online keywords

and started selling hundreds of thousands of cigarette packs per month. Sales continued to rise until we were hit by banking, governmental and other nasty bureaucratic obstacles. After many months of fighting, we had to give up. Fast forward to 2016, we don’t have to ask anyone’s permission anymore thanks to the first decentralised currency, Bitcoin. Are you still helping fund the greedy international Big Tobacco corporations? It is finally the time to break free!